"Autism Services Online."
2014 Program
Based In Flagstaff, AZ but Serving the Pacific Northwest and Arizona.

                  The GOAL of  'Autism Services Online'
is to use computer online technology, including Video Chat (Oovoo), 
for the purpose of supporting and tutoring familes and those living with
an ASD within their own homes, within the Pacific Northwest or wherever
the internet is available. 

For more information contact Autism Therapist Patty Gee, 360-888-0660, PattyJGee@gmail.com

First Step:   Free ooVoo download at   www.ooVoo.com  
To link with me, my password is  PattyJGee
Next, register and find out costs etc. at the program's  eventbrite site

2014 Program Options

1.  Parent Conultation and Support   (30 minutes each session)
Fee:  $50 a session     Pay online before the appointment

2.  Individual one to one sessions*   (30 minutes each session)
Fee:   $45 a session   If not prepaid*

Note:   Small groups will have a minimum of 2 members but no more than 5 members

3.  One small group session for Social Skill  (45 minutes each session)
Fee:  $45 a session   If not prepaid*

*4.  Four pre-paid sessions at a discount
Fee:  $110 for four sessions    Pay online before the 1st session

An free online screening in available on this website. After submitting your responses it will be followed up with an email message.   A more indepth followup phone chat  is available for  $25.00 for those interested in a personal followup.

Click to take our Online Screening!
*Preschool            *School Age
*You, your Teen or  Adult Child
Mailing Address for the Open Door Autism Clinic, LLC
3701 Pacific Ave SE,  #441
Olympia, WA  98501.

Online Network based in Flagstaff, Arizoan

Patty Gee, Autism Therapist/ CLICK HERE

Do YOU  or your young adult child present RED FLAG behaviors associated with ASPERGER ?  Click and take our online screening
Autism  Services Online
  A Program of the Open Door Autism Clinic LLC
                                        Formerly the Open Door Autism Learning Centerr
Does your Preschooler have RED FLAG behaviors associated with an Autism Spectrum Disorder? Click and take our online screening and email the results to me,  Patty Gee..
Our Program  will allow us to come to you in your home setting, and will not require you to come to us.
   It will allow those with an high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder or parent  to learn social
   skills through online technology which is aimed at todays 21st century demands.
Screening questions for Children of School Age
is Available Now
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